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always reblog



    always reblog


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  2. Final music post for this morning - why didn’t someone tell me Polvo has a new album!!!!

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  3. Tedeschi Trucks Band perform a track from their album Made Up Mind.

    Here’s another I-know-this-guy post.  My wife’s cousin manages this band.   Dayum.  These guys can play.  Slide guitar breaks are sick.

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  4. ‘No Ordinary Passenger’ →

    Stan Dibben, a winner of the World Sidecar Championship in 1953, recounts the thrills and perils of his profession.

    I am posting this again for three reasons:

    1. I know Cabell.  His mother is my wife’s godmother.  I went to his wedding two years ago.  And so it gives me no end of pleasure to say, “I know the guy who made this!”
    2. I think the doc is really really well done.  Everything from the sound design, to the placement of archive footage, to the interviews with Stan, to the very closing credits - top to bottom, this is a handsome piece.  Did I mention that I know the guy who made this!
    3. I am blown away by this sport.   It’s totally crazy!  Amaze balls crazy. So right there, this Op-Doc has a killer hook.  That said, Stan is completely charming on camera.  There’s a lot to this story that’s told through the way his eyes engage the camera. You get peeks into the things that make up his life-affirming philosophy - determination, wisdom, fear - in glances from this octogenarian’s expressive eyes.  What a guy.  He talks the talk and walks the walk.  Bravo Stan.

  5. newyorker:

A look at this week’s cover, “ExerCity,” by Bruce McCall: http://nyr.kr/15xLTRQ

Great cover / great issue.


    A look at this week’s cover, “ExerCity,” by Bruce McCallhttp://nyr.kr/15xLTRQ

    Great cover / great issue.

  6. Anne Lloyd, Ralph Nyland, Sandpipers - Little Sir Echo (by boyjohn)

  7. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland (acoustic, audio only) (by LordR61288)

    Have you ever been…

    to Electric Ladyland tab.

  8. Needles & Pins

    Needles & Pins

  9. A family favorite - my 11yo DLed tracks 1, 2, & 4 to her iTouch. I bought the CD at Family Video back in 2001. CD still get’s a lot of spins in the minivan.

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